Bast Sa-Darr/ Deceased


Human Hexblade Warlock


Living with his family as desert nomads, Bast Sa-Darr is the 9th and youngest son, as traders his family spent the year traveling the desert making a few stops in major cities but generally preferring the wilds of the desert. They were part of a small clan of 20 different families, communally working together to survive the hardships of the desert. Being the youngest son Bast Sa-Darr never learned the trade from his father because his older siblings were in charge of the family affairs along with his father. His role was as entertainment for guest, demonstrating his athletic and dexterity abilities with swords and knives.

On his 15th birthday his clan was attacked and Bast witnessed his parents, along with several of his siblings being murdered by the raiders. The remainder were captured and sold into slavery. Along with one of his elder brothers, Ra Sa-Darr, he was sold to a mining company that used slaves to work their mines. During his time at the mine, Ra died because of the harsh treatment of the slave drivers. For five long years Bast worked the mines until the mine had dried up and the slaves were to be relocated. The slaves were forced to march from the unforgiving mountains down into the desert, with plans to be sold or relocated to a new mine. While crossing the desert Bast saw an opportunity to escape and took it, wandering off into the night for good or ill.

Weakened from his treatment at the mines, and lacking the proper supplies Bast was soon close to death, as the unforgiving desert sun beat upon him. It was as he lay in the sand, resigned to his death, his one regret that he wouldn’t be able to get revenge on his slavers, that he heard the voice. It spoke to him of a pact, that by accepting to serve it and fulfil its plans, it would save him. More than that, it would enhance him giving him the power he needed to get his revenge. Bast agreed in a heartbeat. Any cost was worth the opportunity at revenge and to claim retribution for all the horrors he and Ra had faced in the depths of the mines. Bast, felt instant relief as the power of his patron flowed through him. This gave him the strength to get back up, and continue moving forward until he came upon an oasis. For over a year Bast survived in the desert of Ryl, recovering from his time in the mines and learning to survive, the initial surge of strength given to him by his patron receding. Bast tried to talk to his patron but never got a response, beginning to think it was all in his head he took the voice to have been a figment of his imagination.

A year later Bast woke with a start, something had awoken in him. He felt…enhanced, strange incantations and mystical symbols that before would have been unintelligible now were as easy to read as common. And then he heard the voice again, Its Time. With those words spoken the impulse to head out came over Bast, not knowing why just that he had to go to Port Dust.

Upon arriving at Port Dust, Bast expected to hear the voice again, and to feel the same impulse that would tell him what to do next. But the voice was silent. Not sure what to do Bast resigned to a long wait, and started looking for work in the city. Having only been to Port Dust once while a child, Bast’s knowledge of the town was minimal, Bast decided to camp outside the city, but as he got further away a strong ache started in his head, that only eased up as he started heading back to the city. Resigned to being stuck in the city, Bast took up a job working near the docks as manual labor. At a nearby shop he first met Bex, a Sea Giant Barbarian who was in town looking for adventure, finding an easy liking to each other Bex and Bast soon became fast friends. This was the first friend Bast had made since his captivity, and as time went on he eventually confided his tale to Bex, her kind and genuine manners easily breaking through his general distrust. Being his sole confident, Bex is the only person Bast has trusted with the knowledge about his patron and the impulse to come to Port Dust. Caring for her new friend as well as the prospect of an adventure, Bex has decided to accompany Bast on his journey.

It has been six months since Bast arrived at Port Dust, he is becoming more impatient for the voice to speak to him again, the thought of his family’s murderers going unpunished grating on him every day. Only the companionship of Bexs keeping him from going mad

Bast Sa-Darr/ Deceased

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