Port Durst

Port Durst, was once a port of major naval power for the kingdom. After an attack by Demons of Chaos, 10 years ago, all but one naval ship was destroyed. The surviving ship, The Dixie Wick, and her crew was rewarded for the bravery and strength by being named the new flagship for the fleet. Sending her out to sea from home forever. With the power void left from the navy. The local monastery, took up to becoming the power house with arch monk Luhi Ali-Eba leading. The monks became a sort of brute force, taking over as the guards for the city while enforcing the harsh taxes on the city folk. Now the city rots, slowly dying from the tyrannical rule of the monks.

Points of Interest:
Port Church of Riternal
Desert Palm Monastery
Durst Light House
Greedy Worm
The Dixie Wick Tavern
Zero District
Abandoned District

People of Interest:
Luhi Ali-Eba
Priest Bran-Kel
Medi Mel-Ide
Hansu Jic-Eba
Akela Jic-Eba
Aisha Jic-Eba
Amani Jic-Eba
Felik Young

Kelthune Fe-Ryl

Port Durst

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