Year One

The Orcs were the first to organize. Having been brought into Standar already separated into clans. The clans contested to see who would rule over all the clans and own the holy land around the Grunido Temple. Each Sanguine sent forth their mightest warrior as a champion to fight to the death. When the barbarian tribe won the land, the other four tribes left to find somewhere else to settle. With the understanding that every 5th Spring they would return and contest for the title.

The Shaa Clan lead by Sanguine, Kokowham, headed south through the Cloud High Mountains. There, in a cave deep in the mountain, the Orcs came across the Zandren Temple. Next to the temple, being fed lava from the volcanic mountain was the Divine Forge. The Orcs sensed great power coming from the Temple and the forge and decided that there is where they would settle. Inside the Temple, they found recipes for the Divine Forge to create, weapons, armor, and even life itself. The Tribe believed that with these powerful creations they could return on the fifth spring and claim the title of the head clan.

So the Orcs began to mine the mountain to find the resources they needed. They crafted many powerful items with the forge. However, they never crafted life. For the price of creating life, was life, and the Orcs thought this to be too steep of a price.

After awhile one of the Human clans found their way into the Orcs cave. Young and curious, the Orcs befriended the Humans and began to teach them the art of combat. As the Humans and Orcs delved deeper and deeper into the mountain, they stumbled upon a horror that they were not ready for, a goblin city. Violent by nature, the goblins began to storm the orcish encampment, killing all those who got in their way. While goblins did not have great strength, the sheer numbers were enough to overwhelm the Orcs and Humans.

The Orcish Clerics of Zandren held the ground long enough for the survivors to escape. After being driven from their home, the Humans and Orcs went their separate ways. The Humans headed east towards Storm Ridge. While the Orcs headed back north to the safety of their homeland.

The origin of the Universe

Year One

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